• CentaursTech

    CentaursTech is an international startup based in Chicago, Illinois. We are focusing on developing a new type of mobile action game.

  • NetEase Youliao

    Integrating NetEase high quality information and 20 years big data technology, providing mass, high quality, and precise intelligent information flow service. at the same time, quickly connecting customized information flow and precise advertisement to customer's application, providing personalized content recommendation service to end users.

  • Gowild

    Gowild is founded by a number of serial entrepreneurs, global AI experts and industry executives.

  • Sobot

    Sobot focuses on the field of intelligent customer service, which belongs to the technology innovation Internet enterprise.

  • Audible reading

    Read the works of literary novels with high quality, fluency and clarity, liberate your eyes and listen to the world.

  • Social entertainment

    Customized voice for NPC, allowing users to enjoy a sounder gaming experience.

  • Intelligent hardware

    Create personalized voice for intelligent speakers, robots and other hardware, enhance user stickiness.

  • Education and training

    Integrating the normal education in the school to create a smart and efficient classroom.

  • API & SDK interface service

    The engine, API, and SDK interfaces are provided so that the client can invoke the sound data directly.

  • TTS system service

    Provides an overall voice synthesis solution, software and resource manager services according to different customer requirements, The core components including: TTS Runtime package Announce Style, TTS Server, TTS SDK, USB Software Lock.

  • Audio corpus customization service

    Different audio corpus can be customized according to different products, such as different ages, different genders, different languages, as well as voice actors and stars.

  • 1

    Clear client’s needs

    According to the client’s needs or consultation, identify the needs and wants.

  • 2

    Cooperation and signing

    Finalize the speaker and sign a cooperation agreement on the mode of cooperation between the speaker and the speaker.

  • 3

    Sound library production

    Determine studio and cycle time for sound recording.

  • 4

    Data processing

    Processing and debugging of sound library, completion of production.

  • 5

    Technology docking

    Provides the engine, API, and SDK interfaces, and the client calls the sound.

  • 6

    Delivery and launch

    Acceptance, problem handling, data optimization, and delivery.

  • Multilingual and multitone optional 

    Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Chinese dialects; male voice, female voice, children's voice of your choice, so that your application has the most personalized timbre. 

  • Smooth and natural

    Speech synthesis technology industry leading, synthetic effect close to human voice, smooth and natural, extremely expressive, give you the most comfortable hearing experience. 

  • Free synthetic effect evaluation

    Self-developed TTS evaluation system, to provide you with professional and fast speech synthesis effect evaluation service.