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Relevant tags: Production of Speech Library is a company specializing on Internet service of synthetic data, including text data, speech data, image data ,etc. works for providing its clients with fast precise and professional data service with its advantage of the data manufacturing and processing in order to help clients get a variety of data resources, fully exploit valuable information in a huge amount of data, maximize data value and promote the innovation of relevant technologies, applications and industries.

Production of Speech Library

Production of speech library includes production of synthesis data such as Chinese , English,Cantonese Japanese, Korean,etc.
1.Professional and comprehensive design of speech data (including syllable cover, pitch cover).
2.professional evaluating and screening system for speakers(recommand speakers’candidates in accordance with clients’ requirements).
3.Professional recording of speech data (professional recording and monitoring). production and processing of speech documents, including proofreading of script and pinyin, prosodic annotation, segmentation and stress annotation of speech documents.